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Available Services

Lymphatic Massage


A gentle non- invasive treatment to help drainage of Lymph. Increases lymph flow, stimulates immune system, improves skin healing, reduces edema and pain. :Recommended for post surgery,weak immune systems and general wee being.



This relaxing Japanese tradition is a practice that calls upon the energy from the massage tech and the client. The concept is based on the idea of life force energy and the art of channeling it through the body. Resulting in a more calm and balanced feeling. When you leave you shuld feel more centered. :Recommended to align chakras, energy healing and renewal.

Pregnancy Massage


Relaxing massage to help you feel better during pregnancy. Relieves back tension, calms nerves stabilizes hormones and increases blood flow for baby and mother. :Recommended for women in 2nd and 3rd trimester.

 Hot Stone Massage


Hot Stones stimulate your circulatory system while detoxifying your body. A swedish style massage is performed while using the basalt stones. :Recommended in the winter to warm up, release tension and  pampering sessions.


(50 hhr)

A massage that focuses on reflex points in the feet, hands and head. These points are connected to different organs and glands in the body. By stimulating these points you can feel benefits in the entire body. offered only in half hour increments. :Recommended to stimulate healing in organs and glands.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi  Massage (150-90mins)

Lomi Lomi massages are long  continuous strokes applied by forearms elbows and hands. Creating a seamless flow from one are of the body to another with less breaks and transitions, which allow more relaxation. With Hawaiian music playing softly :Recommended for anyone who wants to spoil themselves and experience a Hawaiian massage.


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